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Statement from Local Public Health Departments regarding COVID-19 preparedness planning

Local public health departments have been preparing for a widespread outbreak for a long time. We are working together to make sure our community is prepared for COVID-19 by listening to guidance from local, state and federal health officials, sharing prevention information, testing our response plans, and reviewing lessons learned from previous outbreaks, such as H1N1 and measles. 

Although we donít have any confirmed COVID-19 cases in the metro, we encourage families, faith communities, businesses and schools to start the discussion about how they would prepare for widespread illness and disruption to daily life.

 We continue to monitor the situation as it rapidly evolves. We encourage residents to visit for the latest information and guidance, as well as follow local health department social media.




Cass County, Missouri
(816) 380-8425

Clay County, Missouri 
Kelsey Neth
(816) 595-4257

Jackson County, Missouri
Leslie Carto
(816) 404-3776

Johnson County, Kansas
Barbara Mitchell
(913) 477-8436 (Media Phone)

Kansas City, Missouri
Bill Snook
(816) 719-3610 (Media Phone)

Leavenworth County, Kansas
James Fricke
(913) 364-5779

Platte County, Missouri
Natalie Klaus
(816) 858-2412

Ray County, Missouri
Shelby Spor
(816) 776-5413

Unified Government of Wyandotte County, Kansas
Janell Friesen
(913) 573-6703