The Purpose of Metro Outlook 2.0

Metro Outlook 2.0 builds on earlier efforts to measure progress in the Kansas City region, but sharpens the focus on economic competitiveness.

To do this, Metro Outlook first synthesizes a set of goals derived from earlier reports — goals aimed at creating a region that can effectively compete in the global marketplace.

Because of the strong link between economic competitiveness and innovation, Metro Outlook 2.0 develops an explicit model of how metropolitan areas attract, develop and retain talented people. Like the first Metro Outlook report, this version theorizes that talent is attracted to areas that continually improve their ability to provide high-quality economic opportunities, social connections, amenities, neighborhoods, schools, etc. — in sum, a high and rising quality of life.

By placing the regional goals inside the Metro Outlook model, we can see how the goals themselves are linked together. Following the goals through the model, we can develop a parallel system of indicators designed to monitor the region's status and progress towards its goals.

Finally, using further work by the Brookings Institution, we recommend policies the region should adopt to fulfill its potential as a successful and competitive metropolitan region.


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