Inherent Attractiveness of Place

The Indicators

These indicators help evaluate the Kansas City region's sense of place:

Because the choice talented people make about where to live is the key factor setting the whole system in motion (see the Model Summary), our indicator analysis begins with the goal of attractiveness of place.

Why do talented people choose to live in one area over another? The element that makes one metropolitan area different from another is its sense of place.

A region's sense of place derives from its history, the economic and social forces that formed it, and the way it was constructed in response to those pressures.

Every place is unique, but those with a strong sense of place are fun, interesting, and provocative. The very structure of these places — how they are built, what values they embody, how they feel while living, working and playing in them — creates an amenity that all residents share.

An attractive place brings people together from all walks of life, providing a regional identity and encouraging the exchange of ideas. How does our region measure up? Use the links above to learn more.

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