The Metro Outlook 2.0 Model

Relationship to Regional Goals:

A parallel relationship exists between the concepts in the Metro Outlook 2.0 model and those in the six regional goals. This parallel structure is illustrated here.

Regional Goals

Metro Outlook 2.0 Concept

Economic competitiveness rooted in
innovative capacity

Economic production drawing upon a talented workforce created by high-performing institutions

High levels and use of human capacity

Investment in people creating high levels of human capital employable by businesses

Inherent attractiveness of place and amenities

Institutions that invest in place to create communities that attract talented people

Social cohesion

Social capital

Strategic decision-making capacity

Policy and spending decisions

Efficient use of resources

Economic production without harming natural assets.

Indeed, these goals can easily be located within the model, as shown below:

The model now makes it clear that all goals are connected to each other, so if one improves, all are positively affected.

Moreover, we can also create a logical order in which to place them in relation to each other. This is the first step in identifying places of higher and lower leverage.

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