Summary of Woodend Gateway Plan


Contact Information

Organization: Edwardsville
Contact person: Michael Webb
Title: City Manager
Phone: 913-356-6000
Organization address: P.O. Box 13738
  Edwardsville, KS    66111

General Information

Project title: Woodend Gateway Plan
Project description: This project is intended to assess the study areas current land use and physical condition and then identify potential steps that public and/or private stakeholders could take to improve safety, access, quality of life, and transportation investment value for Edwardsville, Kansas City, and the surrounding area.
Project Type: Sustainable Places Plan
Project Contact: Michael Webb
Project Location: The portion of southeast Edwardsville generally bounded by I-435, the Kansas River, 98th Street, and the north side of Woodend Road.
Project Scope: This project would evaluate the current opportunities and challenges with existing and potential land use given this areas strong transportation links. Deliverables would include: - Perform an assessment of Existing Conditions, including: *Identification of current traffic bottlenecks/delays along Woodend and at the I-435 interchange *Assessment of current river-oriented activity that relies on access from Woodend *Identification of any obvious environmental concerns or limitations that may influence development/redevelopment options in the area (especially in proximity to the Kansas River) - Potential development/redevelopment strategies/examples to take advantage of the location and strong transportation links - Options for extending the Citys trail network and pedestrian facilities in the study area to create a Complete Street along with consideration of transit demand and operations to serve this workforce concentration - Engage with business, workers, property owners, and City residents as to preferred use(s) near the rivers edge - Develop recommendations for the Planning Commission and City Council to consider for guidance in future development decisions - Describe specific measures to improve safety, efficiency, choices, and access along Woodend Road and other transportation links in the study area - Estimate potential costs of implementing the recommended measures

Project Financial Information

Total Cost: $90000
Federal amount $72000
Minimum Funding amount $50000
Match amount: $18000
Source of Local Match:

Submitted comments

Tyler Gentry said...

I am in favor of this project because I think the trail system in Edwardsville should be improved by adding on more miles of trails. I think more people would use the trail and the people who already do would benefit from increased exercise. It would also be nice to have access to the river other than the boat ramp. If this project would lead to things like that I would be in support

6/26/2020 3:01:05 PM

Doug Danner said...

I believe this proposal would be good for the city and its residents.

6/27/2020 4:52:26 AM

Chuck Adams said...

I am completely in favor of this project as it assesses and plans on utilizing a key intersection and available land in our city. In order to keep our city sustainable it is imperative that we continue to look for new opportunities for commercial and public spaces to improve the quality of life in our city through increased tax collections and creating spaces that can be used by families to build them as the necessary core to a successful civilization.

6/28/2020 11:47:03 AM

Dottie Murphy said...

I had a problem envisioning the space and the city’s plan. Could the city add a picture drawing that shows the plan. There is so many piece of Edwardsville that need updating to grow the town, so show us your vision. Thank you.

6/29/2020 10:50:15 AM

Heinz Rodgers said...

It would be a shame to leave the area in its current under-utilized condition. This study would show some of the potential uses and future projects that could potentially improve the quality and ascetics of the Kansas I-435 corridor.

6/29/2020 11:59:38 AM

Mike wheeler said...

Rugby for men and women is becoming a hugely popular sport. KC is in need of fields. A regulation field and a practice field with parking would be a major attraction for city players. Easy to get to and could easily be a regional site for competitions.

6/30/2020 7:18:21 AM

Luis G Fasani said...

Im all for this! Much improvement is needed on that area to aliviate the flow of traffic!

6/30/2020 7:20:02 PM


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