Summary of Blue Ridge Crossing Transit Study


Contact Information

Organization: KCATA
Contact person: Shawn Strate
Title: Planning Manager
Phone: 816-585-3672
Organization address: 1200 E. 18th Street
  Kansas City, MO    64108

General Information

Project title: Blue Ridge Crossing Transit Study
Project description: The intention of this project is to improve the quality, accessibility and safety of this highly used stop by upgrading it to a mobility hub as recommended in the recently updated SmartMoves 3.0 plan. Considerations will include improved amenities to provide more space and comfort for passengers, real-time signage, wayfinding, bike-share or connection to bike network, and space for on-demand services and other appropriate mobility hub components. This stop is a valuable transit location serving an existing activity center, a MoDOT carpool lot and is also an active transfer stop for transit users. The project area is split by KCMO and Independence and the stop serves routes 28, 31, 47, 302 and 340. This stop serves between 800-900 people on an average weekday and is the highest ridership single stop outside of downtown. Although this is a highly used stop it has many persistent issues that need to be addressed. The stop is unattractive and lacks amenities that would ordinarily correspond with a stop of this importance. There are persistent crime and vandalism issues at this location that have been problematic to address because of the two jurisdictions. It is difficult to access the stop for both users and drivers and lacks visibility. The study will look at ways to address these issues and ways to include real-time signage, bike-share or connection to bike network, space for on-demand services and other components of a true mobility hub.
Project Type: Sustainable Places Project
Project Contact: Shawn Strate
Project Location: Just south of I-70 & U.S. 40 interchange. Existing transit hub and retail district. Includes portions of KCMO and Independence.
Project Scope: Overall Scope Objectives: The plan will address: • Accessibility to the mobility hub from nearby land uses and from Blue Ridge Blvd., 43rd Street, and Sterling Avenue for all modes of users accessing transit service • Propose strategies for how an improved transit presence can advance the livability and economic vitality of the area surrounding the study area • Recommend approaches to improve the safety and security of the stop at Blue Ridge Crossing • Establish a conceptual plan for Mobility Hub and recommend amenities that will best meet the needs of the community • Establish an Implementation Strategy to help transform the Blue Ridge Crossing bus stop into a high-quality mobility hub, with improved multimodal access to and from neighboring retail uses as well as the adjacent street network. Tasks: • Create a Project Steering Committee • Identify and engage stakeholders: property owners, tenants, store managers, police departments, etc. • Hold 2-4 public meetings to engage the public and riders and sustain a healthy relationship with them through out • Survey of existing riders • Existing conditions: review issues described above, and service profile of existing routes • Identify alternatives for station location and routing alternatives, to improve accessibility • Prioritize and provide concept plan and guidelines for amenities • Develop consensus of community stakeholders • Review need for service alignment, frequency, or alignment changes • Select preferred alternative based on analysis and feedback • Provide cost estimates for new infrastructure and for any service changes • Final plan to document process, detail of recommendations, and implementation strategies The plan’s deliverables are included, but not limited to: • Current conditions assessment • Assessment of local and national best practices for mobility hubs in similar retail environments • High level operational transportation analysis/ Focused transportation study • Data driven analysis of safety and ridership needs • Increased focus on access to jobs and the region’s economy • High level Mobility Hub Concept Plan • Community engagement (throughout the process) • Conceptual plans for structure(s), hardscape and greenspace

Project Financial Information

Total Cost: 100  (Thousands of $)
Federal amount 80  (Thousands of $)
Minimum Funding amount 60  (Thousands of $)
Match amount: 20  (Thousands of $)
Source of Local Match: KCATA

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