Summary of Roe Boulevard and Johnson Drive Corridor Plan

Roeland Park

Contact Information

Organization: Roeland Park
Contact person: Keith Moody
Title: City Administrator
Phone: 913 722 2600
Organization address: 4600 W 51st Street
  Roeland Park, KS    66206

General Information

Project title: Roe Boulevard and Johnson Drive Corridor Plan
Project description: The intent of the project is to engage citizens and the property owners of the corridor in a visioning process that leads to a more vibrant and sustainable corridor and community as a whole. The primary users of the plan will be the land owners, City Council and Planning Commission.
Project Type: Implementation Activities
Project Contact: Keith Moody
Project Location: Roeland Park, Johnson County, Roe Boulevard from 48th Street to Johnson Drive and Johnson Drive from Roe Boulevard to Ash Dr.
Project Scope: Activities: 1. Appoint Committee 2. Interview and select consultant. 3. Visioning process, lead by committee made up of citizens and property owners. 4. Consider alternative design and land use plans. 5. Final report compiled and adopted by Council and incorporated into citys comprehensive plan. Deliverables: 1. A robust public engagement process that engages representatives from all segments of the population including those who are often underrepresented (elderly, renters, disabled, low income residents). 2. A visioning document with alternative site plans with renderings. 3. Cost and proforma data for each alternative. 4. Analysis of funding gap for each alternative to identify how much incentive may be expected for each alternative. 5. Recommended modifications to zoning and development regulations to encourage implementation of the plan. 6. Recommended multimodal transportation changes to encourage implementation of the plan.

Project Financial Information

Total Cost: 187.505  (Thousands of $)
Federal amount 150  (Thousands of $)
Minimum Funding amount 150  (Thousands of $)
Match amount: 37.505  (Thousands of $)
Source of Local Match: Sales Taxes

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Submitted comments

Keith Moody said...

This is a great opportunity for Roeland Park to further a variety of planning steps that have already been completed, consolidating those steps into a comprehensive and cohesive plan for these two primary transit corridors.

6/26/2018 2:55:01 PM

Mike Kelly said...

This grant will allow Roeland Park to plan for a future that not only connects and brings life to these main corridors, but will also stand the test of time.

6/26/2018 3:50:21 PM

Jen Hill said...

The acquisition of the Roe Boulevard and Johnson Drive Corridor grant Plan would allow the continued work of creating a community for all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles in Roeland Park. This project is in the heart of the city and connect not only Roeland Park, but other cities as well.

7/2/2018 10:36:58 AM


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