Summary of RE-Imagine 75th: A Pedestrian, Streetscape and Amenity Corridor Design Guide


Contact Information

Organization: Shawnee
Contact person: Doug Allmon
Title: Deputy Community Development Director
Phone: (913) 742-6222
Organization address: 11110 Johnson Dr.
  Shawnee, KS    66203

General Information

Project title: RE-Imagine 75th: A Pedestrian, Streetscape and Amenity Corridor Design Guide
Project description: Many exciting things are happening in and around the 75th Street Corridor in Shawnee. The Westbrooke Village Shopping Center, a suburban neighborhood mall constructed in 1988, had served as an anchor for the corridor for many years. The 29 acre retail shopping center flourished for many years, but when its anchor grocery tenant left, the center experienced high vacancy rates, and the center became blighted over time. The center recently sold and the current owners have obtained City approval for Westbrooke Green, a “horizontal” mixed-use development that would include 106,500 square feet of retail / restaurant space, a central common green, and 530 multifamily residential units with an associated parking structure. Site demolition of the old shopping center is expected to take place in summer of 2018, with full buildout of all phases occurring by 2024. The public/private partnership provides a total estimated project budget for this redevelopment effort of $113.1 million, with the City contributing $31.8 through TIF and CID tax incentives. The new owner, Mission Peak Capital, has provided a letter of support for the project. The City of Shawnee has also identified 75th Street (from Switzer to Quivira) as our next corridor beautification/walkability/transit enhancement project. The City has earmarked $3 million for construction of enhancements in our 6-year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) to accomplish this goal. The capital project will include intersection and signal improvements at 75th and Quivira to decrease traveler delay and increase safety at the intersection. Broader scope elements of the project includes street milling and overlay, sidewalk replacement, landscape enhancement, and other streetscape and amenity improvements within the corridor from Switzer to Quivira. RE-Imagine 75th: A Pedestrian, Streetscape and Amenity Corridor Design Guide would facilitate a vision for these improvements with input from adjacent businesses and residents who use this corridor the most. Provision of complete street design elements, inclusionary corridor access from adjacent residential areas, current / future transit infrastructure enhancements would all be vetted and evaluated by the process. Long-term improvements could possibly provide hike-bike linkages to the nearby Turkey Creek trail system located in the City of Merriam.
Project Type: Sustainable Places Project
Project Contact: Doug Allmon, AICP
Project Location: The project boundary is the 75th Street Corridor from Switzer west to Quivira. The study area contains two schools, multifamily residential, office and retail uses that have developed over time.
Project Scope: The study seeks to set a common vision and establish design guidelines for a future multimillion-dollar capital infrastructure project that will be undertaken by the City. These guidelines could also be applied to the private realm as redevelopment occurs over time. The goal is to provide a more inclusive, planned infrastructure system for visitors and residents who live around the corridor to have better access to services, restaurants, community assets and transit stops that currently exist (or will exist) within the defined corridor area. The scope of the study document would include: 1) Two (2) Community Engagement meetings with area residents, business owners, and other vested stakeholders; -Meeting One would kick-off the project with an interactive visual preference exercise to establish the vision and theme for future improvements in the corridor. -Meeting Two would present findings and an overview of the study document and resulting design guide. 2) Completion of Basic Existing Conditions inventory using AIMS aerial, parcel, and utility data; 3) Identification and design of scalable transit stops to accommodate current bus and future streetcar uses; 4) Identification of linkage gaps between adjacent private sidewalk networks and the public sidewalk system; 5) Recommendations for appropriate curbside, median and intersection landscape treatments and well as incorporation of other complete street and stormwater quality (BMP) design elements in the corridor; 6) Recommendations for appropriate pedestrian amenities, pedestrian refuges and seating areas (intentional or otherwise) at Quivira, Nieman and Switzer; 7) Provision of concept plans for redevelopment of older properties located at the east end of the corridor; 8) Recommendations for bicycle lanes and longer-term improvements that could possibly provide hike-bike linkages to the nearby Turkey Creek trail system located in the City of Merriam.

Project Financial Information

Total Cost: 60  (Thousands of $)
Federal amount 48  (Thousands of $)
Minimum Funding amount   (Thousands of $)
Match amount: 12  (Thousands of $)
Source of Local Match: City of Shawnee

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Submitted comments

Deanne Winkelmann said...

This would be a great planning study to align with the Westbrooke Green catalyst project. It provides an opportunity to revitalize an aging corridor with new ideas in the heart of a developed community.

6/27/2018 1:23:08 PM

Brian Roth said...

I completely agree with Deannes comments below. This area is going to be a great showcase to prove out how a once declining area can be brought back to life and transform the surrounding neighborhoods for the better.

7/2/2018 11:10:50 AM

John Montgomery said...

I am wholeheartedly in favor of this project. The 75th Street corridor between Switzer and Quivira holds enormous potential for redevelopment and neighborhood improvement, especially with the Westbrooke Green development getting underway. But it needs good planning. That starts with this project.

7/2/2018 5:45:08 PM

Alan Willoughby said...

This project will improve the walkability for residents of Westbrooke, Fox Run and adjacent neighborhoods to retail, restaurant, and entertainment venues on and near 75th street, including those newly proposed for Westbrooke.

7/3/2018 3:50:12 PM

Dennis Busby said...

This project is important for community involvement for the changing landscape of the Westbrook Green project. Most importantly, it is timely that this project be started now to be able to implement community focused changes and infrastructure needs to coincide with the Westbrook Greens development.

7/5/2018 10:23:13 AM

Jesse K. Miguel said...

I am supportive of this study of the 75th Street Corridor from Switzer to Quivira. This should be a gateway into Shawnee, and currently does not convey a positive image of what this city should and could be, and should address beautification, community access, walkability, and connections to neighborhoods. The Westbrooke Green will be a positive draw for the community, and the 75th street should reflect that draw into that unique mixed-used development.

7/6/2018 3:24:42 PM

Bruce Bienhoff said...

This study will will help guide the development of the area to better serve the residents of Shawnee.

7/8/2018 12:31:05 AM


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