Summary of Weston Highway 45 Sustainable Developments Plan


Contact Information

Organization: Weston
Contact person: Cliff Harvey
Title: Mayor
Phone: 816-392-3102
Organization address: 300 Main Street
  WESTON, MO    64098

General Information

Project title: Weston Highway 45 Sustainable Developments Plan
Project description: Weston is located in Platte County, Missouri, the fastest growing (by percentage) county in the state. The city is six miles from the interstate, so growth has been slow, but is becoming more consistent. City officials want to plan for growth while it is still possible to do so proactively. This project has two activity centers involved, with many of the same issues. Both are undeveloped ground, connected to residential and/or commercial areas. They are: Hwy. 45 & H This is a key intersection at the northern city limits of Weston. Seventeen acres wrap around Weston’s grocery store. The owner of the 17 acres is planning to market it to developers as a housing area. However, it is possible the better use would be as a mixed use development. Key issues include: Traffic through the area - designing it so it does not become a shortcut to avoid the controlled intersection. Designing it to be safe for pedestrians, bicycles and motorized and non-motorized wheel chairs. A plan for a bus stop should be incorporated into the plan. Housing - Weston has a need for workforce housing. There is also a lack of apartments, homes for those who want to age in place, homes for people with disabilities, and for families. Commercial Development - We would like to see commercial development increasingly clustered rather than spread along Hwy. 45. The designs should offer flexibility so the commercial space could be used for housing if plans for commercial use did not immediately develop. Green issues - The site slopes to the northwest and drains into a creek that runs through the western part of Weston. In heavy rain events, the creek floods the downtown city park. Increased flow could soon endanger houses in the area. A goal of this project would be for zero runoff and preservation of the tree line that surrounds the two sides not bounded by highways. Passive Solar and This could be an ideal spot for the use of permeable surfaces. The two acres at the northeast corner of 45 and H contains three groups of buildings and about a one acre undeveloped tract. The buildings include a metal garage type building, formerly a fire station, now wood working business; a former gas station; a 1950’s cement building split in three underutilized units. It is not a blighted area, but it is underutilized. Hwy. 45 & Welt Most of the same issues apply to this much larger area. Areas near the intersection and along Hwy. 45 would lend themselves to clustered commercial activity, while the areas further south would connect to existing housing developments. There are at least seven access points, but three of them have been dead-end streets long enough the residents along them will need to be assured their quality of life would not suffer from increased traffic. The corners at the intersection of 45 & Welt/Hwy. P are not 90 degree corners, but more like 25/75 degree corners. Large trucks tend to “cut the corner” through a business development when turning from northbound 45 on to P Hwy. because of the sharp (25 degree) turn. Sight lines are poor and it is an area with numerous accidents. The intersection needs to be redesigned to make it safer. This land is also uphill from the older parts of Weston, feeding eventually into a creek that floods the foot of Main Street in heavy rains. The goal here would also be to have zero runoff. This area will be conducive to all varieties of housing, with more space for larger lots for larger families.
Project Type: Sustainable Places Project
Project Contact: Kim Kirby,
Project Location: Two activity areas adjoining State Route 45 Weston, Platte County, MO 17 acres at Hwy. 45 and Hwy H and a 2 acres across Hwy. H 75 acres bounded by Hwy 45, Welt and Citadel Addition
Project Scope: The scope of the project would be to involve the public in planning through town hall meetings, open houses, interviews with landowners and other stakeholders, and charrettes (short, focused project team meetings, project planning meetings, brainstorming sessions, and extensive community visioning events). The process will identify priorities, develop a common vision, goals and objectives for growth in new areas, and develop solutions to problems in the target areas.

Project Financial Information

Total Cost: 125  (Thousands of $)
Federal amount 100  (Thousands of $)
Minimum Funding amount 40  (Thousands of $)
Match amount: 25  (Thousands of $)
Source of Local Match: City of Weston

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Submitted comments

Susanna Bartee said...

This is a wonderful project for a town that is ready for the next step of growth - including smart planning for roadways and sidewalks. Sidewalk additions made in other parts of the city over the last several years have been widely acclaimed by Weston residents and have legitimately increased foot traffic for both business and pleasure.

6/26/2018 1:36:19 PM

Susanna Bartee said...

This is a wonderful project for a town that is ready for the next step of growth - including smart planning for roadways and sidewalks. Sidewalk additions made in other parts of the city over the last several years have been widely acclaimed by Weston residents and have legitimately increased foot traffic for both business and pleasure.

6/26/2018 1:36:20 PM

Paula Phillips said...

Weston really needs a well planned design for badly needed affordable housing which has good connectivity to the town.

6/26/2018 1:37:53 PM

Chad Guendelsberger said...

The future prosperity and well being of the citizens of Weston will be best served by well thought out and intelligently executed planning initiatives such as the plan to address the safety concerns and traffic flow around the affected locations of MO-45 referenced above. The City of Weston is looking forward to working with state and federal partners to ensure Weston remains an enjoyable and memorable destination for visitors and a safe and pleasant city in which families and businesses will continue to thrive.

6/26/2018 2:59:30 PM

Ann Raab said...

Weston has long-needed a well-executed plan to make the community more connected, affordable, and sustainable, while still maintaining the historic character which has consistently made it a top tourist destination. This is a unique opportunity to plan for the future, while respecting our past. This grant will make possible a critical component of that process.

6/27/2018 10:57:29 AM

Craig E. Rodgers said...

Approval of this project would be a great benefit to the community and fits into the Citys long range plan in supporting affordable housing growth for young families while maintaining the ambiance of the town.

6/27/2018 11:53:21 AM

Joyce Priddy said...

Growth promotes positive reaction to our community. This grant would promote growth, and development, protect our history,resources and promote equitable and sustainable City for all.

6/27/2018 12:47:58 PM

Arnold Nguyen said...

MO-45 definitely needs improvement in Weston. Complete Streets for MO-45 should be heavily considered in this plan; the current design of MO-45 is too oriented for vehicles. Bike/ped facilities (such as a 10-ft trail) and removal of side ditches would help residents connect to commercial centers without the need of a car. Note that MO-45 is primarily a route to connect between Kansas City and Atchison. The plan should consider making Weston a destination city rather than people "bypassing" the city.

6/27/2018 6:48:58 PM

James F Lowe said...

This project would greatly help set a positive direction for improving Weston - facilitate adding more accessible housing and business and redesigning the dangerous intersection at HWY 45 and State Road P.

6/29/2018 9:29:55 AM

James McPherson said...

We need to tie new business/housing into the town with sidewalks and bike paths in addition to streets. Better ways to cross Highway 45 and a bike path along 45 would be beneficial as well as new walking access to Benner Park.

7/5/2018 3:03:36 PM

Jeff Elsea said...

Weston has, historically, been proactive in planning for future infrastructure needs - upgrades to the water system and sewer system; creating walkability, controlling stormwater - and wants to do the same on the Highway 45 corridor. Proper planning prevents unexpected consequences.

7/6/2018 2:09:44 PM


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