Summary of Louisburg S. 5th Street Complete Street - with Broadway Spur


Contact Information

Organization: Louisburg
Contact person: Jean Carder
Title: communications coordinator
Phone: 913-837-2324
Organization address: 215 S. Broadway
  Louisburg, KS    66053

General Information

Project title: Louisburg S. 5th Street Complete Street - with Broadway Spur
Project description: The S. 5th Street Complete Street builds upon four recently completed projects: a Safe Routes to School project completed in the mid-2000s; the Broadway Complete Street – Green Street (2014 MARC PSP award winner and completed in 2017), the Louisburg Master Trails Plan (2017 PSP award winner); and the Louisburg Bright Future Comprehensive Plan, updated in 2017. The Safe Routes saw sidewalks constructed between the upper elementary, middle and high school campuses complete with safe intersection components. The Broadway Complete Street project made significant improvements to historic downtown Louisburg, including curbs, gutters, street, sidewalks, ADA access, lighting and landscaping. The Master Trails Plan identifies needed bike and pedestrian connections across the community, which targets this Traditional Neighborhood area as a short-term, high-priority project. The Bright Future plan calls for improved sidewalks within the Traditional Neighborhood and a development plan options to enhance the mobility for senior citizens. If approved, the S. 5th Street plan would merge the Broadway project to the proposed Metcalf 2.0 Complete Street project (a 2018 STP candidate). The S. 5th Complete Street would connect the following activity centers: downtown including city hall and the public library, Metcalf Road commercial area, Senior Center, schools and the Traditional Neighborhood that surrounds the area. Sidewalks constructed by this project would help school children disperse into the Traditional Neighborhood area or safely get to downtown and the public library. Sidewalks would serve as a main connection to get from the east side of town, the schools and Metcalf Road area to a public park, downtown Broadway and the library and to Rogers Road, the farthest most street on the west edge of town. This connection would serve many different populations - students, seniors, neighborhood residents, park users, casual walkers, fitness buffs and those with limited transportation options. S. 5th Street is a major east/west route through town and serves those who live in all areas of the community.
Project Type: Project Development
Project Contact: Jean Carder
Project Location: Louisburg, Miami County - A complete street design along S. 5th Street from Metcalf to Rogers Road and connect to the Broadway Complete Street project from S. 5th to S. 3rd streets
Project Scope: This plan should provide logical steps to make improvements to S. 5th Street, a main corridor through town connecting the major north/south Metcalf Road to Broadway Street and finishing at Rogers Road, another major/north route through town located on the western edge of the core community. S. 5th Street bisects the Traditional Neighborhood. These improvements would include new street surface, curb & gutter, sidewalks and/or shared trails, lighting and wayfinding signage. The plan should craft a way to merge the new Downtown streetscape, which looks historic in nature, to the proposed new streetscape on Metcalf Road, which will be more modern in scope. A robust community engagement process is vital to this plan to gain support among homeowners and businesses in the area as well as secure input from users that live in other parts of the community that would use this Complete Street as it would serve as a vital connection to traverse the community. The plan should promote improved travel choices with active transportation and will target the entire community. It should address equity and connectivity and ensure mobility and accessibility are addressed. It should promote public health by allowing for transportation by means other than vehicles and reduce energy demands by including efficient lighting, which also reduces light pollution for the nearby Powell Observatory. This street is flanked by the Traditional Neighborhood, the oldest neighborhood in the community and one that has a disproportionate number of seniors and lower-income population.

Project Financial Information

Total Cost: 65  (Thousands of $)
Federal amount 52  (Thousands of $)
Minimum Funding amount   (Thousands of $)
Match amount: 13  (Thousands of $)
Source of Local Match: streets budget

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Submitted comments

Lee Baer said...

This would be a great project for the City of Louisburg and its community. It would provide a safe and effective route that increases mobility across town (east-west). It also would tie together the future Metcalf 2.0 Complete Streets project into the already completed Broadway Complete Streets project.

7/9/2018 10:19:43 AM


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