Summary of West 31st Street Corridor – SW Blvd to SW Trafficway

Kansas City, MO

Contact Information

Organization: Kansas City, MO
Contact person: Michael Carmona
Title: Director of Community & Business Development
Phone: 8162213442
Organization address: 2130 Jefferson Street
  Kansas City, MO    64108

General Information

Project title: West 31st Street Corridor – SW Blvd to SW Trafficway
Project description: The Hispanic Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) and the City of Kansas City, MO are partnering to establish long-range goals and objectives for economic development, stabilization of the West Side neighborhood and business along Southwest Boulevard and West 31st Street, east to Southwest Traffic Way. The intent of the master plan follows the framework developed by the current City-Wide and Greater Downtown Area Plan (GDAP), inclusive of implementation strategies that direct community vision where people live, work and play; and benefit from the area’s heritage and unique place-making qualities. Specific goals include: • Increased multimodal investment in bicycle, pedestrian, and transit; • Improve travel speeds to other parts of the region; • Enhanced bus stops with improved shelters; • Improved wayfinding and neighborhood identification; • Improved streetscaping to enhance the pedestrian and passenger experience. The West 31st Street Corridor is an important link for the West Side Neighborhood. Without question, this corridor could be leveraged to increase business and employment opportunities for the neighborhood. An improved West 31st Street Corridor could also be enhanced with improved linkages at both ends, improving access to shopping and commercial enterprises along Southwest Boulevard on the west, and to the Penn Valley Community College Campus for education opportunities on the east. This plan is focused on improvements throughout census tract 153 which is a Qualified Opportunity Zone and will serve the Greater Downtown Area on both sides of the state line.
Project Type: Sustainable Places Project
Project Contact: Pedro Zamora, Executive Director (HEDC)
Project Location: Kansas City, MO Jackson County – The planning area extends through the West Side South neighborhood from the state line gateway, located at Southwest Boulevard and West 31st Street.
Project Scope: West 31st Street and Southwest Boulevard play a vital role in Kansas City, as corridors that connect neighborhoods and institutions across the City. Southwest Blvd is one of the few east-west roadways that spans between Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas. Southwest Blvd is an important corridor for the local economy in the Rosedale neighborhood in Kansas, and West Side neighborhood and Crossroads Arts District in Missouri. The Boulevard connects KCMO and KCK via the Kansas City Area Transit Authority bus lines and parallels I-35, which carries 95,000 vehicles daily into downtown. Traffic forecasts for the year 2040 indicate increased traffic volumes over current levels and the projections show that congestion levels on I-35 will increase. Traffic increases on SW BLVD when I-35 experiences peak hour traffic as well as incident-based congestion. Over the past several decades, SW Blvd and the communities that surround it have suffered from economic disinvestment. Today the corridor is characterized by a mixture of commercial properties and deteriorating sidewalk and roadway infrastructure. The corridor has a rich cultural history worthy of celebration, and beneath a surface of disrepair it brims with potential. HEDC and the surrounding community stakeholders have come together with a common goal, planning to face the challenge of accommodating future mobility needs without undermining community values; while continuing to grow in a smart, sustainable, and cost‐ effective way. This study must capture designs to accommodate a range of transportation options: driving, walking, bicycling, and transit – emphasizing movement of people, not just cars. This will create active public spaces that serve the needs of all community residents, irrespective of age, income, or disability. Because they are public spaces with public and private investments, this corridor adds value to adjacent properties, maximizes public investment and benefit, and provides places like shops, green space, and plazas for people to congregate. Revitalization of the corridor would bring healthy food solutions, mixed use commercial retail, and senior and affordable housing. This will require: • Corridor improvement alternatives that align or incorporate with the Rosedale master plan and the Cambridge Connector conceptual roadway alignments. • Reviewing existing conditions of the corridor area and align redevelopment with the investments made that remediate the flooding conditions in the area. • Mapping and plan development conceptual design options for a corridor makeover that may include: conceptual plan development- conceptual plans, maps and a financial estimate needed to implement the desired corridor improvements and complete street design(s) alternatives • Pedestrian connections from the West Side in KCMO from West 25th street to Stateline • Mixed-use commercial and retail development that will create jobs and new taxable revenue and a public transportation hub that will include east west transportation on West 31st Street. • Pedestrian connections on Holly and Terrace Streets that have been cut-off by I35 connecting north and south sides of West 31st Street biking.

Project Financial Information

Total Cost: 187  (Thousands of $)
Federal amount 150  (Thousands of $)
Minimum Funding amount 100  (Thousands of $)
Match amount: 37.5  (Thousands of $)
Source of Local Match: HEDCs investment fund

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Lauren Cano said...

My friends and I visit the restaurants in this neighborhood quite often. It would be great to see more investment in this area and modernize the streetscape for pedestrian and bicycle movement.

6/26/2018 1:55:05 PM


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