Summary of Peculiar Trail Extension Preliminary Plans


Contact Information

Organization: Peculiar
Contact person: Carl Brooks
Title: City Engineer
Phone: 8167792228
Organization address: 250 S. Main Street
  Peculiar, MO    64078

General Information

Project title: Peculiar Trail Extension Preliminary Plans
Project description: This project will develop the preliminary plans for two new walking trail sections. TS1 is 2.2 miles long and follows the abandoned St. Louis-Chicago railroad right-of-way from YY Highway north to 203rd Street. This will provide 3.3 miles of uninterrupted trail. TS2 is 1.6 miles long and will follow the City’s right-of-way on Peculiar Way (formerly known as 211th Street), from Peculiar Drive west to Harper Road and then south on Harper Road to the new Public Works/Utilities Maintenance Facility Building complex. TS2 will connect to the future 80+-acre Homer Dunsworth Memorial Park, northeast of the Public Works Building complex on Harper Road. As a “community-sized” park, Dunsworth Park will be a major activity center once it’s fully developed. Peculiar’s residents will be the primary user. The trail sections will connect residents who live near the downtown area to the current and proposed subdivisions to the north and vice versa. Peculiar’s current trail system is 2.74 miles long and has five sections: 1. McKernan Sidewalk is .39 miles of concrete sidewalk from Centennial Street to C Highway. 2. C Hwy Sidewalk along C Hwy from City Hall to C/J Bridge over I -49; and is 0.67 miles of concrete. 3. Highline Trail is .72 miles of asphalt trail from Highway C/J to YY Highway. 4. North Pointe Trail is .21 miles of asphalt trail from 213th Street to 211th Street. 5. Raisbeck Nature Trail is .75 miles of gravel trail in Raisbeck Park. It does not connect to the other trail sections. TS1 will connect the existing Highline Trail to the North Pointe Trail, adding 1.25 miles to the existing trails, and then travel north to 203rd Street, another 0.95 miles. TS2 will intersect TS1 at Peculiar Way and Peculiar Drive, and follow Peculiar Way to Harper Road and then south on Harper Road, 1.6 miles. TS1 will intersect with Peculiar Way, which leads to the Ray-Pec School District Complex; a MARC-designated activity center. MoDOT and the City of Peculiar recently completed the interchange at I-49 & Peculiar Way, which provides easy I-49 access to/from the northern parts of Peculiar. TS1 will intersect the proposed 211th Street Corridor, which is a transportation priority for Peculiar. When developed, Peculiar Way will be a divided, multi-lane roadway with wide medians to safely accommodate pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Peculiar Way will have mixed-use development, including commercial and light industrial development. In the future, TS1 will connect with a planned Belton/Cass County trail (MetroGreen Cass 05), via the railroad right-of-way. TS1 will connect to the entire MetroGreen Trail System through the Rock Island Railroad Corridor, the St. Louis-Chicago Railroad Corridor, and to the Katy Trail. It will also connect with a “Priority 2” rail-to-trail section (Cass 03) connecting to Harrisonville. TS2 will connect TS1 to the new Public Works/Utilities Maintenance Facility Building complex and an 80+-acre Dunsworth Park, a future community-sized park. The land use plan for this area includes light industrial, heavy industrial, commercial, and medium-density residential.
Project Type: Sustainable Places Project
Project Contact: Grant Purkey, City of Peculiar Parks and Recreation Director, 816-779-2225, “”
Project Location: Peculiar: Trail Section 1 along Peculiar Drive from YY Hwy. to 203rd St. Trail Section 2 follows Peculiar Way from Peculiar Dr. to Harper Rd., and then south to the Peculiar’s Public Works complex.
Project Scope: With these planning funds, the City will engage a consulting design/engineering firm through a Request for Qualifications (RFQ), to help develop the project’s preliminary plan. The consultant will work with City staff members to develop a scope and fee, and develop a preliminary alignment and plans for TS1 and TS2. This project will provide concept-level design plans that generate cost estimates for future final engineering and construction phases. The plan will ensure development will provide for future transportation options; supporting all means of transportation, including pedestrians and bicycles. The plan will determine trail configuration, pedestrian and bicycle accommodations, landscaping and aesthetic treatment, and amenities needed to remain consistent with the adjacent land uses. The plan will ensure the natural areas are preserved to support the planned development and transportation infrastructure. The 2015 Comprehensive Plan identifies the 211th Street Corridor as one of the two highest priority projects that will encourage the City’s anticipated future development. Both trail sections will follow standard construction guidelines for urban trails and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The trail paths will be 10 feet wide with 14 feet of total clearing and at least eight feet of clear height. All slopes will be less than 8.3%, or match existing roadway slopes, and the cross-section slope will be less than 2%. The trail paths will be a minimum of four inches of recycled surface asphalt (APWA Type 3-01) laid on a six-inch gravel base. Both trail sections will have multiple access points, landscaping, benches, and other amenities to provide comfort for users. The City selected the two trail sections based on information gathered from the 2017 Parks and Recreation Citizen Survey and the City’s Comprehensive Plan, updated in 2015. This project is the first step in planning and developing these two sections of Peculiar’s trail plan. At the end of this project, the City will have complete preliminary plans, with preliminary cost estimates, that will allow the City to proceed to Phase 2, developing the technical construction/engineering plans, which will lead to Phase 3, trail construction.

Project Financial Information

Total Cost: 187.5  (Thousands of $)
Federal amount 150  (Thousands of $)
Minimum Funding amount 150  (Thousands of $)
Match amount: 37.5  (Thousands of $)
Source of Local Match: Capital Improvement Fund - Streets

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Submitted comments

Cathy Jones said...

I guess since they didnt pave my road with that money its a good thing theyre doing by making the walking trail. Fitness is important as well as people not walking in the roadway.

6/26/2018 3:35:43 PM

Mary Klein said...

I vote to finish the trail connecting Northpointe to Highline. I love running on the Highline trail, but I live on Northpointe and have to drive to get to it. Also, I frequently see people running on Harper which seems very unsafe. I think if this trail were finished we’d have a lot better, safer place to run/walk.

6/26/2018 8:55:25 PM

Jim Clarke said...

The City of Peculiar, as a community, has initiated many initiatives in recent years to improve the community. This project would compliment and further this cause, while offering the residents a soft amenity to be enjoyed by all for many years to come.

6/27/2018 11:08:46 AM


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