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County Profiles, 2017:

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  • Clay County, Missouri 

    Quick Facts

    2015 Population: 230,361
    Median Household Income: $62,099
    Poverty Rate: 8.8%
    2016 Unemployment Rate: 3.9%

    Key Findings

    Clay County’s total population grew by 25 percent from 2000-2015. Its population over age 65 grew by 43 percent, and the growing number of older adults may strain health care systems. The county benefits from a falling poverty rate (8.8 percent, down from 9.3 percent in 2014), a median household income about 15 percent higher than the metro, and the third-highest percentage of residents with bachelor’s degrees in the region. Access to care is also a strength, with more physicians, dentists and mental health providers per capita than the region's more rural counties. About 10 percent of the county’s residents are without health insurance – lower than the national average, but higher than seven other metro counties. Cancer and heart disease are the leading causes of death, and the rate of deaths caused by heart disease increased slightly over 2014. Several important health indicators (number of people with poor mental health days, smokers, sexually transmitted diseases and low-birth weight babies) trended worse compared to last year.

    Information presented in this county profile is the most currently available as of September 2017.

    County Data








    Leading Causes of Death
    Age-adjusted rate per 100,000 people, 2015. Source: MICA

      Clay Co. Missouri
    Cancer 171.2 173.0
    Heart disease 156.0 197.5
    Chronic lower resp. diseases 64.1 52.7
    Stroke 37.5 40.6
    Alzheimer's disease 35.4 28.6
    Suicide 23.7 16.9
    Influenza & pneumonia 19.1 17.8
    Kidney disease 16.3 19.9
    Diabetes 14.0 19.6
    Other respiratory disease 12.1 13.4

    Access to Care, 2016

    icon Ratio of Primary Care Physicians per person — 1: 1,450
    icon Ratio of Dentists per person — 1: 1,730
    icon Ratio of Mental Health Providers per person — 1: 1,060
      Source: County Health Rankings


    Health Indicator Trends

    Trends for selected health indicators by county from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's County Health Rankings website.


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