Metro Outlook 2.0

Metro Outlook LIVE is your online portal to a better understanding of the Kansas City region — where we've been, where we want to go, and how we can get there. In 2001, MARC published the first Metro Outlook report. This new, online version — Metro Outlook 2.0 — builds on that earlier effort.

...Kansas City's major institutions and interests need to work together to tackle the region's big challenges.
— Brookings Institution

The Vision

Metro Outlook 2.0 starts with a vision of the Kansas City region effectively competing in the global economy by sustaining a rising quality of life that attracts talented people.

  • We use a model to help us understand connections between regional goals and to predict how improving one can influence others.
  • We use economic indicators to measure regional progress — comparing both to our own history and to peer metropolitan areas.
  • We use survey results to better understand people's perceptions of our quality of life and the challenges facing our region.
  • And finally, we offer recommendations about policy changes that could help us make our vision a reality.

What do you think?

The Mid-America Regional Council worked closely with the Brookings Institution and many other partners to develop this site. Now we want your feedback. Use the interactive polls and feedback links on these pages to let us know what you think.

Have we chosen the right indicators to measure progress? Does our analysis make sense to you? Have we reached the right conclusions? Do you agree with our recommendations? We welcome your comments.