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Contact Information

Organization: Raymore
Contact person: Greg Rokos
Phone: 8168923017
Organization address: 100 Municipal Circle
  Raymore, MO    64083

General Information

G8.1 Project title: Foxridge Drive - SRTS
G8.2 Project description: This project includes building a travel-way on the east side of Foxridge Drive to improve connectivity and safety for residents to have mobility from their homes to a local school, and an identified activity center located at Foxridge Drive and 58 Highway. Currently, there is no sidewalk on the east side of Foxridge Drive, which forces residents and children to cross Foxridge Drive, a busy thoroughfare with no marked crosswalks.
G8.3 Project contact: Greg Rokos, City of Raymore
G1. Project Type: Non-Motorized Transportation - Facilities and SRTS Infrastructure
G2. Funding Stream: TAP
G3. TIP Number:
G4. State: Missouri
G5. Project county: 1. Cass
G6. Project municipality: 1. Raymore
G7. Multiple agencies / jurisdictions? Yes
The City of Raymore continues to work closely with the Raymore-Peculiar School District on projects regard pedestrian safety throughout the community, particularly students. The school district continues to support the City in efforts to make the community a safer place for pedestrians, including the Foxridge Drive sidewalk project. Please find the attached letter of support from the Assistant Superintendent of the Ray-Pec School District
G8.4 Purpose and need: The purpose of this project is to install sidewalk along the east side of a busy thoroughfare, which connects a residential neighborhood to an elementary school, and an identified activity center. The sidewalk will help better connect the neighborhood to the surrounding amenities, and improve safety by providing access to a pedestrian travel-way without having to cross Foxridge Drive, a busy collector roadway with no marked crosswalks.
G9. Origin and ending
  Length (Miles):
Foxridge Drive
1.5 miles
G10. Functional Classification: Not Applicable
G11. In Transportation Outlook 2040? No   Decade:   --Select--
G12. Muli-Agency Plan? Yes
G13. Included in a CIP? Yes
This project was on the draft 2018 CIP but the cost for the city to fund was too high. It will be placed on the 2019 to 2024 CIP as a cost match for any year that it is funded.
G14. Planning stage: Conceptual Plan
G15. Reviewed by state DOT? No
G16. Right-of-Way acquisition: All acquired or none needed
G17. ROW by local public agency process manual? Yes
G18. Other unique local goals and objectives? Yes
The local school district recently changed its policy for providing bus transportation to children within one mile of any school location, resulting in a significant increase in the number of kids walking to and from school. Installing this segment of sidewalk would further the Citys goal of having sidewalk on both sides of every street, and would increase safety for children walking to school. Pedestrian safety has always been a goal for the City, however, this specific issue was not identified until the school district changed its transportation policy in the fall of 2017.
G19. Transportation Disadvantaged Population: The population that will be affected are those who are bound to transportation without access to vehicles. These can be people under the age of 16 needing to get to school, or various shops and services located along the 58 Highway corridor. This sidewalk segment will provide a safe pedestrian connection to one of the main activity centers within Raymore, as well as a safe connection to a neighborhood elementary school.
G20. Relevant Public Engagement: When the school district changed its transportation policy in the fall of 2017, staff meet with the school district to discuss potential issues related to the increased number of children walking to school. Since the change, the City has placed three new stop signs at intersection along the walking routes to school, and filled in several smaller gaps in the sidewalk network. The Police Department also met with school district staff to discuss strategies on establishing safer locations for crossing guards.

The Foxridge Drive sidewalk segment was identified as a barrier as the beginning of this process, but the project lacked adequate funding at the time.
G21. Planned Public Engagement: As part of the CIP process, this project will be presented publicly, giving the public an opportunity to voice their opinions. Staff will also work closely with the school district to identify safer walking routes to and from school during and after the project is completed.
G22. Sustainable Places Criteria: ----Active Transportation/Living---Age in Place------- Complete Street Design---Connected Street Network----------- ------------Integrated Trail System--- ----Natural Resources Protection-------Pedestrian-Oriented Public Realm--- ----Repair Strip Corridors----------- -----Unique Community Characteristics
G22.1. Describe CSP relationship: The activity center that is at the end of this path has connectivity to a senior housing center, along with a commercial activity center. Along the travel-way there are many different types of housing including single family, two-family, multi-family, and senior housing. It will finish the complete street design and integrate it with the trail system. Additional BMPS and water quality measures will be added to the existing inventory of filter strips and bio-swales that feed into Creekmoor Lake to enhance protection of a major natural resource.
G23. Implements Sustainable Places Initiatives? No
G24. Serves Regional Activity Center? Yes
Highest-Intensity and Most-Walkable Centers This project will serve the activity center by providing a safe pedestrian connection from the northern City limits, including 450+ households, to one of the main commercial centers in Raymore. It will provide an alternative transportation choice for residents travelling along Foxridge corridor.
G25. Environmental justice tracts? No
G26. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions? Yes
The project will allow for increased non-motorized transportation between an activity center and several residential neighborhoods, thus decreasing emissions and the use of carbon based fuels.
G27. Natural Resource information: The travel-way is located in the drainage area of Creekmoor Lake and pond. Additional filter strips and BMP water quality measures will be added to the existing inventory, and used to filter the water before entering into the drainage area.
G28. Community Links at Watershaed Scale:
G29. Explain local land use or comprehensive plans: This project supported by several goals in our Growth Management Plan, including building vibrant and connected neighborhoods, and increasing our sidewalk and trail networks. Our Pedestrian Master Plan also includes goal related to increased pedestrian safety, which is also addressed and supported by this project.
G30.1 Complies with MARC’s CSP? Yes
G30.2 Exception to the MARC CSP? No
Traveler Type (All Ages & Abilities)
Mobility Aids:       
Transit Riders:       
Green Streets:       

Project Financial Information

TAP Federal amount: 280  (Thousands of $)
TAP Match amount: 70  (Thousands of $)
TAP Year requested: 2021
Source of Local Match: Capital Improvements Program
Explain: The city has a dedicated capital improvements program and this is a high priority. As soon as the grant is approved, the city will add the match to the program.
Scope Change: This is the first part of the project. It goes from Drake to Creekmoor Pond. The second part goes from Creekmoor Pond to Granada. We will ask for funding in the next call for projects.
Cost Breakdown:
Highway:   %
Transit:   %
Bike: 20  %
Pedestrian: 80  %
Other:   %

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