Summary of Swope Park Connector Trail at 63rd Street

Kansas City, MO

Contact Information

Organization: Kansas City, MO
Contact person: Rodney Riffle
Title: Sr. Landscape Architect
Phone: (816) 513-7619
Organization address: 4600 E 63rd Street
  Kansas City, MO    64130

General Information

G8.1 Project title: Swope Park Connector Trail at 63rd Street
G8.2 Project description: Construct a 10 wide, multi-use trail for pedestrians, mobility aid users and bicyclists from 63rd Street to Swope Park Pool. The project will be an extension to the Blue River Trail that runs north of 63rd Street to Colorado Avenue. The project has two goals. The first goal is to connect communities north and west of Swope Park to Swope Pool. The second goal is to complete the pedestrian loop in and around Swope Soccer Village.
G8.3 Project contact: Rodney Riffle
(816) 513-7619
4600 E. 63rd Street
Kansas City, MO 64130
G1. Project Type: Non-Motorized Transportation - Recreation Trails
G2. Funding Stream: TAP
G3. TIP Number: 611183
G4. State: Missouri
G5. Project county: 1. Jackson
G6. Project municipality: 1. Kansas City, MO
G7. Multiple agencies / jurisdictions? No
G8.4 Purpose and need: The existing Blue River Trail ends at 63rd Street at a gravel access road for Army Corps of Engineers maintenance of the Blue River. Extending the trail south will connect the surrounding northern and western neighborhoods to the popular activity center (Swope Park Pool). The proposed trail is also adjacent to the Swope Soccer Village. The trail will also create a pedestrian loop by providing a connection to existing pedestrian facilities. Current pedestrian users are forced to walk in the street for this portion of the popular exercising loop.
G9. Origin and ending
  Length (Miles):
Blue River Trail
63rd Street at Blue River
Swope Park Pool
G10. Functional Classification: Not Applicable
G11. In Transportation Outlook 2040? No   Decade:   --Select--
G12. Muli-Agency Plan? Yes
MetroGreen - Priority 1 Trail, number Ja04 Trails KC Plan
G13. Included in a CIP? No
G14. Planning stage: Final Plan
G15. Reviewed by state DOT? No
G16. Right-of-Way acquisition: All acquired or none needed
G17. ROW by local public agency process manual? Yes
G18. Other unique local goals and objectives? Yes
Supports Clean Air Action Plan by providing a non-motorized option paralleling the Blue River which has no bike/ped facility south of 63rd Street. Supports CQP and activity centers by connecting the Swope Park Pool to residences beyond the Swope Park Boundaries. Supports MetroGreen by an additional segment of the Blue River Trail ultimately linking existing trails (Indian Creek Trail to Brush Creek) as well as becoming the major north-south spine of the entire Jackson County, Missouri trail system. Trails KC Plan calls for a trail along the Blue River corridor.
G19. Transportation Disadvantaged Population: Swope Park is surrounded on all sides by Environmental Justice Tracts. The proposed multi-use trail will provide greater access to the Swope Park Pool destination to the neighborhoods to the north and west through connections to existing multi-use trails within and adjacent to those neighborhoods.
G20. Relevant Public Engagement: In 2014, the Blue River Trail - Swope Park Study was conducted to determine the feasibility and develop potential trail alignments through Swope Park to connect to future trail segments beyond the parks boundaries. For this study, park users and an array of stakeholders (groups that use the park, own property, or run businesses adjacent to potential trail corridors) were engaged in two meetings to introduce the project, gain feedback and discuss the preferred alignments.

Beyond the above study, MetroGreen, and Trails KC Plan utilized extensive public engagement processes to develop the preferred and prioritized trail alignments.
G21. Planned Public Engagement: On site interviews along with public outreach for future segments will help in informing the success of the project and provide lessons learned for including in future segment design and implementation.
G22. Sustainable Places Criteria: ----Active Transportation/Living----------- ---------------- ------------Integrated Trail System--- ----Natural Resources Protection-------Pedestrian-Oriented Public Realm--- Renewable Energy--------------- ----Tree PreservationUnique Community Characteristics
G22.1. Describe CSP relationship: Project ties into a larger multi-state trail system. Project provides following TO 2040 and Creating Sustainable Places goals: Active living/transportation by connecting destination activity and residential areas; Integrated Trail System by adding an additional trail segment to the Blue River Greenway Trail; Natural Resources Protection by organizing trails for pedestrian and bicycles along stream systems and create a linked system of parks and natural areas; Pedestrian-Oriented Public Realm by by offering bike/ped facility connecting destination activity to residential; Renewable Energy by promoting non-motorized transportation choice; Tree Preservation by integrating the proposed trail through existing wooded area with selective clearing and invasive species removal; Unique Community Characteristics by connecting residential to historic destination via bike/ped facility.
G23. Implements Sustainable Places Initiatives? Yes
Project directly implements following CSP/PSP initiatives: Equity by improving nonmotorized access between a destination activity and affordable housing; Environment by preserving open space, stream corridor, and existing specimen trees; Economy by giving transportation choice options to attract new residents/companies and retain existing.

Trail will reinvest in that area to promote transportation choices, development in corridors, design for healthier lifestyles, access to an iconic destination, and energy efficiency are all provided by project.
G24. Serves Regional Activity Center? Yes
Less-Intense and Less-Walkable Centers Provides service through alternative transportation choices to a recreational destination that promotes healthier living and exposure to the natural environment.
G25. Environmental justice tracts? Yes
The project and Swope Park are surrounded on all sides by environmental justice tracts. The project connects a popular, iconic activity center to EJ Tracts via a non/low-polluting, transportation options.
G26. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions? Yes
Reduces the need to use motorized vehicles to access a popular destination activity.
G27. Natural Resource information: Honeysuckle and invasive species removal and reforestation by planting trees. Project is being designed to minimize impacts to specimen trees along the Blue River Greenway. Environmental mitigation areas include planting of trees along open areas of the Greenway where none exist.
G28. Community Links at Watershaed Scale: Restoration of the Blue River stream corridor by providing additional tree canopy along segments with health ratings 6 and 7.
G29. Explain local land use or comprehensive plans: MetoGreen, Trails KC Plan, Swope Area Plan - First Level Trail priority
G30.1 Complies with MARC’s CSP? No
G30.2 Exception to the MARC CSP? Yes The project is an off-street bicycle/pedestrian trail along the Blue River Greenway corridor.
Traveler Type (All Ages & Abilities)
Mobility Aids:       
Transit Riders: Not Accommodated      
Trail will not allow motorized vehicles, but access is available via Lewis Road
Cars: Not Accommodated      
Trail will not allow motorized vehicles, but access is available via Lewis Road
Trucks: Not Accommodated      
Trail will not allow motorized vehicles, but access is available via Lewis Road
Motorcycles: Not Accommodated      
Trail will not allow motorized vehicles, but access is available via Lewis Road
Buses: Not Accommodated      
Trail will not allow motorized vehicles, but access is available via Lewis Road
Green Streets: Not Accommodated      
Trail will not allow motorized vehicles, but access is available via Lewis Road

Project Financial Information

TAP Federal amount: 500  (Thousands of $)
TAP Match amount: 285  (Thousands of $)
TAP Year requested: 2021
Source of Local Match: Kansas City, Missouri Public Improvements Advisory Committee (PIAC) Sales Tax
Explain: Council District 5 and the Parks and Recreation Department of Kansas City, Missouri have already funded studies and the creation of construction drawings for the project.
Scope Change: The project cannot be phased as it is already a smaller segment of a larger portion of the trail running through Swope Park.
Cost Breakdown:
Highway:   %
Transit:   %
Bike: 50  %
Pedestrian: 50  %
Other:   %

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