Summary of W 4th St along W/E Broadway to E 3rd St


Contact Information

Organization: Peculiar
Contact person: Carl Brooks
Title: City Engineer
Phone: 8167792228
Organization address: 250 S. Main Street
  Peculiar, MO    64078

General Information

G8.1 Project title: W 4th St along W/E Broadway to E 3rd St
G8.2 Project description: This application seeks funds for the upgrade of a sidewalk along West/East Broadway from West 4th Street to East 3rd Street from its current condition without ADA compliance sidewalks to ADA compliance sidewalks along Broadway from downtown Peculiar to the Peculiar Elementary School located at E. Broadway and E. 3rd Street.
This project provides for the installation of new sidewalks along the primary, City owned transportation corridor to Peculiar Elementary school in the Downtown Arts & Culture District (AC District) in Peculiar, Missouri. A small portion of the project includes the crossing of Missouri State Route C. The sidewalks will be located on a seven block route, both sides of Broadway Street from the center of the business district on the west side of the Broadway Street and Main Street (C Highway) intersection and ending at Peculiar Elementary School at East 3rd Street.
G8.3 Project contact: Carl M. Brooks, P.E.
City Engineer
250 S. Main Street
Peculiar, MO 64078
G1. Project Type: Non-Motorized Transportation - SRTS Non-Infrastructure
G2. Funding Stream: TAP
G3. TIP Number:
G4. State: Missouri
G5. Project county: 1. Cass
G6. Project municipality: 1. Peculiar
G7. Multiple agencies / jurisdictions? No
G8.4 Purpose and need: Along this route there currently exists a mix of old, pitted sidewalks, broken sidewalks and some small areas of newer sidewalks. Sidewalks vary in width from two and one half feet to six feet with often no transition between the different widths. As trees have matured, roots have caused the sidewalks to heave and buckle in numerous places. There are trees and other vegetation encroaching on the sidewalks as well. There are no painted crosswalks on either side at any of the three, smaller intersections along the route east of the main intersection discussed above. There is also the need for appropriate access for the disabled (there are currently no ADA pads and many areas are not traversable by wheelchair due to surface type transitions), consistent surface type, consistent surface height, curbs where indicated and a continuous route to pedestrian destination points.
G9. Origin and ending
  Length (Miles):
Along West/East Broadway
West Fourth Street
East 3rd Street
G10. Functional Classification: Not Applicable
G11. In Transportation Outlook 2040? No   Decade:   --Select--
G12. Muli-Agency Plan? Yes
The City of Peculiar, the Raymore-Peculiar School District and the City of Peculiar Chamber of Commerce have collaborated together in making the improvements to the West/East Broadway Sidewalk project from W. 4th Street to E. 3rd Street. The City and the Missouri Department of Transportation have already completed a sidewalk to be contiguous from the J/C & I-49 bridge/interchange to City Hall, 250 S. Main Street, Peculiar, MO, total length 2,905 feet, or 0.55 miles.
G13. Included in a CIP? Yes
The City of Peculiar current 5-yr CIP covers 2018-2022 calendar years. This project is specifically programmed under the current CIP listing as ST 21-002. Available annual funding sources that would be applicable toward this future project would be the Capital Improvement Sales Tax Fund (approx. $200,000/year)and the Road and Street Sales Tax Fund (approx. $200,000/year). The upgrading of the West/East Broadway Sidewalk from W. 4th Street to E. 3rd Street is included in the City’s adopted Comprehensive Master Plan. The project enhances the safety of vehicular traffic and pedestrians; and driveways improvements. Currently, the City is funding 100% of the construction cost. See attached City of Peculiar Capital Improvement Program (CIP) plan for additional information.
G14. Planning stage: Conceptual Plan
G15. Reviewed by state DOT? No
G16. Right-of-Way acquisition: All acquired or none needed
G17. ROW by local public agency process manual? Yes
G18. Other unique local goals and objectives? Yes
The Peculiar Comprehensive Plan (2015) introduces the concept of character streets, or street types that vary based on development patterns and functions. Both W/E Broadway should be classified as an "activity street" that should prioritize access and visibility to adjacent business and facilitate pedestrian movement. This project improves safety and access along this corridor to support local business and local schools.
This route currently contains a hodgepodge of old and damaged sidewalks that create an uneven, difficult-to-navigate surface. Widths are inconsistent. No intersection pads exist for persons in wheelchairs. There is a school crossing sign at E. Broadway & Main. Although there are painted crosswalks, the crossing is rarely acknowledged by drivers. There are no resting places provided for persons with health concerns. Therefore, they must cover the entire length without stopping.
G19. Transportation Disadvantaged Population: According to 2014 American Community Survey data the total populations of Peculiar was 4,747; of which, 15.6% were low-income, 13.5% were persons with disabilities and 10.4% were persons 65 year old or over. The sidewalk improvements along W/E Broadway will add accessibility and increase connectivity. The bicycle and pedestrian components allow for increased mode share capacity, which will allow for greater mobility of transportation disadvantaged populations should they be on foot, on bicycle or traveling by vehicle.
G20. Relevant Public Engagement: This sidewalk improvements associated with this project aligns with the improvements described in the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The process for approving the City’s comprehensive plan featured a public meeting to discuss and improve the initial project list associated with future planning, as well as opportunities to comment and discuss the final plan. The process also had a public notice and comment period where people can submit comments in persons, by mail, by phone or via the internet. Furthermore, the project was approved by city council, and therefore, it was included in a public docket. Any and all persons within the city and surrounding area were invited to participate in the public processes. The information gathered from the public was used to refine study areas and focuses, develop initial concepts and evaluate the CIP. All public engagement events were made accessible to persons with disabilities and those who require special requirements when notified prior to the event.
G21. Planned Public Engagement: Should funding be received and as this project moves forward, the city would allow for additional public input on the engineering design to better align the site plan, right-of-way and public easements. All public engagement events will be accessible to persons with disabilities and those who require any accommodation.
G22. Sustainable Places Criteria: Access to Healthy Foods---Active Transportation/Living----------- Complete Street Design---Connected Street Network---Context Appropriate Streets------- ------------Integrated Trail System--- ------------Pedestrian-Oriented Public Realm--- ------------Strong Suburban Downtown--- ------
G22.1. Describe CSP relationship: The addition of improved pedestrian capacities creates a multi-modal roadway. It also adds further connectivity throughout the city, and allows people the opportunity to access more goods and services by foot. Our School District is committed to the health, safety, and general welfare of its students. Once this project is complete, the District will encourage students to use the new paths to walk, bicycle and wheel to school.
G23. Implements Sustainable Places Initiatives? Yes
By adding sidewalk capacity along West/East Broadway from W. 4th Street to E. 3rd Street this project will provide a more direct connection for pedestrians as well as help balance the mode share between vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. The sidewalk improvements will reduce barriers to landscapes and streetscapes by making goods and services more accessible by foot, as well as encouraging healthier lifestyles through corridor design.
G24. Serves Regional Activity Center? Yes
Highest-Intensity and Most-Walkable Centers This project adds pedestrian capacity to the street network in the area. Not only does this project enhance the mode share of West/East Broadway from W. 4th Street to E. 3rd Street, but it also increases connectivity.
G25. Environmental justice tracts? No
There are not defined environmental justice tracts located in proximity to the proposed project.
G26. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions? Yes
The pedestrian improvement offer people an opportunity to reduce the use of carbon based fuels and utilize a greener mode of transportation. By adding the additional foot traffic, the number of vehicles will decrease, and therefore, reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions of idling cars, especially during peak hour traffic.
G27. Natural Resource information: Two of the guiding principles for the City of Peculiar Comprehensive Plan require any development to consider the conservation of the natural environment and enhance natural resources. As a goal the plan states that ecosystems and environmentally areas shall be conserved, protected and/or restored. As part of any development and/or infrastructure improvement a site plan will be developed to evaluate how to best ensure the greatest amount of natural resources exist after the project has been implemented.
G28. Community Links at Watershaed Scale: The sidewalk itself already exists. The additional improvements to the sidewalk are predominantly within the existing right of way. The area around the roadway is a mixture of upland deciduous forest and herbaceous habitat and the area is low priority for needed conservation efforts. The city will disturb the surrounding area as little as possible and preserve the natural resources as much as possible.
G29. Explain local land use or comprehensive plans: The City of Peculiar Comprehensive Plan features a transportation vision that
focuses on reduced roadway congestion, better connectivity to commercial areas
and improved pedestrian accessibility. This project fits the vision and goals
established by the comprehensive plan.
G30.1 Complies with MARC’s CSP? Yes
G30.2 Exception to the MARC CSP? No The sidewalk project will be designed using the citys design and construction standards, and follow the Complete Streets framework outlined in the Peculiar Comprehensive Plan. All sidewalk intersection improvements will be ADA compliant. This project fits the vision and goals established by the comprehensive plan.
Traveler Type (All Ages & Abilities)
Mobility Aids:       
Transit Riders: Not Accommodated   Exception 1   
Not Accommodated. Exception 1. No bus service availalbe
Green Streets:       

Project Financial Information

TAP Federal amount: 300  (Thousands of $)
TAP Match amount: 100  (Thousands of $)
TAP Year requested: 2021
Source of Local Match: Available annual funding sources that would be applicable toward this future project would be the Capital Improvement Sales Tax fund (approx. $200,000/yr) and the Road and Street Sales Tax Fund (approx. $200,000/yr.)
Explain: Through its typical Capital Improvement Program (CIP) programming, available annual funding sources that would be applicable toward this future project would be the Capital Improvements Sales Tax Fund and the Road and Street Sales Tax Fund.
Scope Change: It may be possible to phase this project by constructing the sidewalk on one side of the street at a time. Doing so would limit the intended benefits of the larger sidewalk project.
Cost Breakdown:
Highway:   %
Transit:   %
Bike: 60  %
Pedestrian: 40  %
Other:   %

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Submitted comments

Marilyn Lewis said...

We need walk lights at Main and Broadway for safety. The traffic is heavy at times when children are attempting to cross Mail (C Hwy). I have also seen elderly people attempt to cross, having to wait a long time for traffic to clear.

4/11/2018 11:34:43 AM

Ted Ingalls said...

Creating more options for student and parent pedestrians and cyclists to access the Peculiar Elementary School would generally be an effective use of funds from my perspective, considering I generally encourage others to walk and ride more, just for its inherent physical/mental health and community-building advantages. The sidewalk along the north side of Broadway, west of downtown, is in complete disrepair, so improvements are completely justified there. However, east of C highway, hopefully the scope of work would be more limited, as theres currently a functional sidewalk on both sides of Broadway from C to the elementary school. At first blush, it seems the scope of work there could just be to add ADA ramps and painted crosswalks at side streets.

4/19/2018 1:20:47 PM

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