Summary of The Linden Connector


Contact Information

Organization: Gladstone
Contact person: Anthony Sands
Title: City Engineer
Phone: 816-520-9167
Organization address: 4000 NE 76th Street
  Gladstone, MO    64119

General Information

G8.1 Project title: The Linden Connector
G8.2 Project description: The Linden Connector is an East-West link between Gladstones emerging Downtown area on the west side of the City and two commercial/residential activity centers on the east side of the city. The connector would include 4800 feet of new 10 foot wide shared use path and 7600 feet of new bike lanes. The eastern side of the connection would link two separated neighborhoods over Rock Creek with a new pedestrian bridge. The route of the connector begins and ends at major arterial, North Oak to the West and M1 Highway to the East. Both arterial currently support transit connections, and North Oak is currently being studied as a BRT route by KCATA. Linking together the Northland Innovation Campus property, from which it begins, connecting though adjacent Bolling Heights and Meadowbook Neighborhoods, the route continues over Rock Creek beside some 630 multifamily units and then linking with existing MO Route 1 Trail.
G8.3 Project contact: Anthony Sands
City Engineer
Gladstone Public Works
4000 NE 76th Street
Gladstone, MO 64118
G1. Project Type: Non-Motorized Transportation - Facilities and SRTS Infrastructure
G2. Funding Stream: TAP
G3. TIP Number:
G4. State: Missouri
G5. Project county: 1. Clay
G6. Project municipality: 1. Gladstone
G7. Multiple agencies / jurisdictions? No
G8.4 Purpose and need: The Connector provides a complete streets design link between two transit oriented corridors North Oak and MO Route 1 and improves access into Gladstones developing downtown area. Downtown Gladstone was identified as a mobility hub in KC Smartmoves 3.0. This connection will for the first time link the growing activity center of Downtown Gladstone to the MetroGreen Trail system and provide continued build out towards links with Kansas City and the Greater Kansas City Bike Plan. The link connects the activity and employment nodes of downtown Gladstone with existing shared use paths that connect to more activity and employment nodes on the east side of the city.
G9. Origin and ending
  Length (Miles):
NE 68th Street
Linden Square/Downtown Gladstone
MO Route 1 Trail and Activity Centers
2 miles
G10. Functional Classification: Not Applicable
G11. In Transportation Outlook 2040? No   Decade:   --Select--
G12. Muli-Agency Plan? Yes
This connection provides improved access to North Oak, which is a SmartMoves Corridor, and at an identified mobility hub location along North Oak. The route also connects into the MO Route 1 trail that provides complete street amenities along MO Route 1, and links into the MetroGreen trail system.
G13. Included in a CIP? Yes
In 2014 The City of Gladstone retained a consulting firm to help draft a Sidewalk Master Plan. Constructing the master plan involved public engagement and the creation of a priority list of walkable/biking connections. An east-west connection between North Oak and M1 Highway was shown to be desired from this plan. The Linden Connector would link together Downtown Gladstone/Linden Square with NE 72nd Street & M1 Highway-a major commercial activity center. Connections would also be made to NE 64th Street and MI Highway - another major commercial activity center.
G14. Planning stage: Preliminary Plan
G15. Reviewed by state DOT? No
G16. Right-of-Way acquisition: Not started
G17. ROW by local public agency process manual? Yes
G18. Other unique local goals and objectives? Yes
Project combines elements of multiple local and regional goals. Meets the goals and objectives the Citys Comprehensive Plan, Sidewalk Master Plan, and Parks Master Plan. Regionally the project reflects goals of implementing complete streets, KC bike plan, Clay County Trail Plan, connection to MetroGreen trail system, creating sustainable places, Aging in Place, focusing on KC SmartMoves 3.0, and increasing connections to activity centers and mobility hubs including future street car/light rail expansions.
G19. Transportation Disadvantaged Population: The Linden Connectors alignment provides new facilities and transportation choices for disadvantaged populations. Half of the trails alignment is located within an identified environmental justice tract. The trail as it proceeds east leaves the environmental tract and connects to locations on the east side of Gladstone with grocery and commercial properties. The connector will provide a direct pedestrian connection to these locations. The connector will also encourage non motorized vehicle use and opportunities for zero-car households. Because the trail connects residential with commercial and then to transit stops, an entire zero-car lifestyle could be built and simplified around the alignment.
G20. Relevant Public Engagement: In 2014 the City of Gladstone conducted open house meetings for a sidewalk master plan. Along with the open houses the Sidewalk Master Planning project also incorporated a city wide survey asking for public input of pedestrian connections in Gladstone. Data collected from public engagement, and GIS analyst of current and future land use, it was found an east-west connection between downtown Gladstone and activity centers to the east was considered a high priority. City is also pursuing bike share in the downtown area. Bike share companies specifically identified the importance of an east-west connection.
G21. Planned Public Engagement: The City of Gladstone continues to promote walkability and pedestrian access connections within the city and to other jurisdictions. By continuing to work with KCATA Gladstone has been able to provide transit connections along major arterial cooridors in the city. This project furthers the goal of closing the "last mile" to these stops and making direct access easier for the public.
G22. Sustainable Places Criteria: Access to Healthy Foods---Active Transportation/Living---Age in Place---Compact, Walkable Centers--- Complete Street Design---Connected Street Network-------Diverse Housing Types--- ------------Integrated Trail System--- Mixed-Density Neighborhoods-----------Pedestrian-Oriented Public Realm--- ----Repair Strip Corridors-------Strong Suburban Downtown--- Transit-Ready Corridors-----
G22.1. Describe CSP relationship: The goal of the connector trail is to link neighborhoods to resources. The activity centers being connected are continuously being re-deigned for improved walkability and integration with multi-modal transportation. The route unifies single family homes with multifamily homes and provides both access to grocery stores and the trail system.
G23. Implements Sustainable Places Initiatives? Yes
This project directly connects to North Oak which was identified as a MARC Creating Sustainable Places corridor. The CSP final report showed North Oak to have activity nodes and effective future growth for transit needs. Linking directly to North Oak the Linden Connector Project will help continue to directly feed into the activity nodes identified in the CSP study and promote mulit model transportation to the corridor.
G24. Serves Regional Activity Center? Yes
High-Intensity and More_Walkable Centers This will be the first trail connection to Downtown Gladstone linking it to the MetroGreen trail system. The Downtown/Linden Square activity center is anticipated to see an increase in walkability with the addition of the connector. The project will make bike travel to the center safer and more direct.
G25. Environmental justice tracts? Yes
The area of Gladstone from the western city limits east to North Troost Ave and north city limits south to NE 64th Street is identified on the MARC Transportation Map 2018 GIS as an environmental justice tract. The Linden Connector begins in the center of this area and links to the transit stops and grocery stores at the end termination point on the east side of Gladstone. The connector also provides connections from the neighborhoods within the environmental tracts to North Oak Transit stops and Downtown Gladstone.
G26. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions? Yes
Improves non-motorized vehicle access to identified activity centers. Improves access to transit orientated arterial corridors North Oak and MO Route 1. The beginning node at North Oak has a greenway element that will get preserved as part of this project. The beginning and ending nodes in the activity center areas will provide ideal locations for locating Bike Share Systems helping to promote non-motorized vehicular use.
G27. Natural Resource information: The beginning node of the connector is located in a greenway area adjacent to small Old Maids Creek. The site is over looked by the new North Kansas City school districts Northland Innovation Campus. The site offers a very unique synergy of transit stops and mixed use high density development located adjacent to a small greenway corridor. The greenway area allows for conservation opportunities within steps of North Oak and Downtown Gladstone. Another resource conservation at the end node of the project is The Rock Creek Meadows. Rock Creek Meadows is a stormwater detention area with emphasis on native plants and wildlife.
G28. Community Links at Watershaed Scale: Gladstone works to improve and restore natural conservation area within the watershed. The Connectors beginning inside the greenway allows for improvement to adjacent lands that will help bring attention to these natural grounds and improve water quality.
G29. Explain local land use or comprehensive plans: The City of Gladstones Comprehensive plan places importance on walkability and the build out of a strong bike/pedestrian system. The goal of this plan is to create direct access between activity centers for all forms of transportation, improve access to transit connections, and create links between otherwise disconnected neighborhoods
G30.1 Complies with MARC’s CSP? Yes
G30.2 Exception to the MARC CSP? No This project continues Gladstones goal of designing and building streets that consider all users of the transportation system. The alignment of this project along NE 68th Street will utilize the existing wide right-of-way space for walking, bicycling, and vehicle users. This alignment connects to three north-south transit route connections and helps in creating “the last mile” connection between residents and transit stops.
Traveler Type (All Ages & Abilities)
Mobility Aids:       
Transit Riders:       
Green Streets:       

Project Financial Information

TAP Federal amount: 500  (Thousands of $)
TAP Match amount: 300  (Thousands of $)
TAP Year requested: 2021
Source of Local Match: Transportation Sales Tax
Explain: The City of Gladstone has committed to building out pedestrian facilities by incorporating funding a for such facilities within the Capital improvement and Transportation sales tax plans.
Scope Change: Project will not be phased.
Cost Breakdown:
Highway:   %
Transit:   %
Bike: 50  %
Pedestrian: 50  %
Other:   %

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Submitted comments

Kyle Frakes said...

The northland of Kansas City metro area is extremely under served when it comes to bicycle facilities and transportation funding. The northland is currently the fastest growing area in the KC metro area. This project is important to provide a critical east west corridor for bicycle transportation in the Gladstone area.

4/9/2018 7:18:57 AM

Ron Wages said...

This is a very important project since there isnt a good east-west connection for pedestrians or bicyclists in the Gladstone area. This project connects people who need/want to travel on foot or bicycle to the amenities that are scattered throughout the city. It also connects neighborhoods. This is a wonderful and badly needed project and should be a top priority for the region.

4/9/2018 10:16:08 AM

Nick Pappas said...

Gladstone is making significant strides in encouraging alternative forms of transportation. What originally developed as a vehicle-oriented city, there are now sidewalks and bike lanes in several areas. What is needed is a connecting trail so that these pockets of "good planning" are interconnected. The possibilities of future expansion/encouragement of alternative forms of transportation are great for the city. Bike-sharing could finally become a reality with a good connection as is proposed.

4/9/2018 10:22:12 AM

Sandy Hudson said...

Encouraging to see plans for progress in the Northland and specifically in Gladstone. I hope this is approved.

4/11/2018 12:02:03 PM

Ben McClanahan said...

The east-west connector sounds like a welcome addition that would greatly benefit the people in my neighborhood. While the path provides access to commercial businesses along M-1, it does not seem to provide any safer options to actually CROSS M-1. It appears where the trail ends on the West side would still require a walk several blocks north to the 72nd St. intersection, which is not the safest intersection to cross to begin with (see memorial at intersection marking the recent death of a pedestrian). In other words, I love this plan but please also make it easier to cross M-1 and actually reach the businesses you are trying to provide access to.

4/11/2018 12:09:49 PM

Ben McClanahan said...

The east-west connector sounds like a welcome addition that would greatly benefit the people in my neighborhood. While the path provides access to commercial businesses along M-1, it does not seem to provide any safer options to actually CROSS M-1. It appears where the trail ends on the West side would still require a walk several blocks north to the 72nd St. intersection, which is not the safest intersection to cross to begin with (see memorial at intersection marking the recent death of a pedestrian). In other words, I love this plan but please also make it easier to cross M-1 and actually reach the businesses you are trying to provide access to.

4/11/2018 12:21:30 PM

Katie Middleton said...

I would love to see Gladstone become more bike and pedestrian friendly!

4/11/2018 12:45:29 PM

Jenny McGee said...

Right now, if my family wants to walk or bike to the businesses on M-1, we have to take NE 72nd st, which doesnt have sidewalks on both sides of the street the whole way, or bike lanes at all. This trail, if built, would be a huge improvement and would be much safer for my family.

4/11/2018 1:40:56 PM

Carol Suter said...

Gladstone residents consistently ask for more trails/sidewalks for improved walkability in the city. This project would provide the only walk/bike link from one side of the city to the other.

4/11/2018 2:16:36 PM

Travis Smith McKee said...

Would love more walkability and bike trail options in Gladstone. Especially in the business sections, making them usable for general transportation, too.

4/11/2018 5:08:06 PM

Arnold Nguyen said...

This proposed project is great for a much needed east-west bike and pedestrian corridor. This will allow people who live in downtown Gladstone to bike/walkto Missouri 1 and take the M-1 trail to Walmart. Only thing I am concerned is one of the sections in the file "989_ProjID-Linden Connector Trail.pdf" shows that there is a "Proposed Shared Roadway." I think it is better to build a side trail or designated bike lanes rather than shared lanes.

5/6/2018 12:50:56 AM

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