Summary of Raytown - Robinson Elementary Connector Trail


Contact Information

Organization: Raytown
Contact person: Jason Hanson
Title: City Engineer
Phone: 816-737-6012
Organization address: 10000 E. 59th Street
  Raytown, MO    64133

General Information

G8.1 Project title: Raytown - Robinson Elementary Connector Trail
G8.2 Project description: The Raytown-Robinson Elementary School Connector Trail project will provide safe routes for students to and from school and a link to the Rock Island Rail Corridor Shared Use Path. The project will also provide access for a disadvantaged population and elderly residents to the Rock Island Rail Corridor Shared Use Path and other areas in future phases. This project will begin at 67th Street and Woodson Rd in Kansas City, Missouri and will extend southward along Woodson Rd to the Rock Island Rail Corridor Shared Use Path and trailhead located at approximately 71st Terrace and Woodson Road. The project will provide approximately 3300 feet of sidewalk/shared use trail to serve residents of Kansas City and Raytown, plus provide an improved safe route to school. The project will include storm water improvements, curb and gutter, ADA improvements, and the use of bio-swales for storm water runoff where possible. The School Dist provides a crossing guard at Woodson-67St on school days.
G8.3 Project contact: Jason Hanson, City Engineer, 816-737-6012,
G1. Project Type: Non-Motorized Transportation - Recreation Trails
G2. Funding Stream: TAP
G3. TIP Number: n/a
G4. State: Missouri
G5. Project county: 1. Jackson
G6. Project municipality: 1. Raytown
G7. Multiple agencies / jurisdictions? No
G8.4 Purpose and need: The purpose of the Raytown-Robinson Elementary Connector Trail project is to provide safe routes for students to and from school and provide a link for residents with the Rock Island Rail Corridor Shared Use Path. The project will also provide the disadvantaged population and elderly residents access to the Rock Island Rail Corridor Shared Use Path, sidewalks for these residents to use for recreation, and provide them pedestrian access to other areas of Raytown. The Raytown School Districts rule is that all children within a half-mile of Robinson Elementary School must walk to school, but the State of Missouri only reimburses the transportation cost to the school district for those over a mile away from each school. This will help the community to overcome the transportation and financial gap. Constructing the improvements in this proposal would insure would have safe sidewalks to walk to and from school.
G9. Origin and ending
  Length (Miles):
Woodson Road
67th Street
71st Drive
G10. Functional Classification: Minor Arterial
G11. In Transportation Outlook 2040? No   Decade:   --Select--
G12. Muli-Agency Plan? Yes
This project will directly connect with the Jackson County Rock Island Rail Corridor Shared Use Path, and be an spur of it.
G13. Included in a CIP? Yes
Yes, this project is part of Raytown’s CIP. These improvements are included in Raytown’s roadway CIP, as well as the storm sewer improvements are included within our storm water master plan.
G14. Planning stage: Conceptual Plan
G15. Reviewed by state DOT? No
G16. Right-of-Way acquisition: Not started
G17. ROW by local public agency process manual? No
G18. Other unique local goals and objectives? Yes
By creating a network that will assist the school district transportation plans and education of our children within the cities of Raytown and Kansas City.
G19. Transportation Disadvantaged Population: Raytown has each of these disadvantaged populations within the neighborhoods adjacent to Woodson Road between 67th Street and 71st Drive. Raytown’s disadvantaged populations will be positively affected by the improved access to local sidewalks & trails, improved access to Robinson Elementary school, as well as access to the future regional trail. This project will create more access to downtown Raytown for zero-car households.
G20. Relevant Public Engagement: The City of Raytown has received a number of requests and comments from residents, as well as the Raytown School District about the need for sidewalks and roadway improvements.
G21. Planned Public Engagement: The City Raytown will hold Public Stakeholders meetings to get comments and suggestions for improvements during the design phase. In accordance with MoDot LPA guidance.
G22. Sustainable Places Criteria: ----Active Transportation/Living-------Compact, Walkable Centers--- ----Connected Street Network----------- ------------Integrated Trail System--- ------------Pedestrian-Oriented Public Realm--- ---------------- ------
G22.1. Describe CSP relationship: This project will provide a number of benefits to the community. Including but not limited to providing active transportation and living space through compact and walkable centers, and a connected street network with access to an integrated trail system for a pedestrian oriented public realm. benefit of free exercise and a link to a regional trail connection.
G23. Implements Sustainable Places Initiatives? Yes
This project will incorporate many aspects of PSP and CSP initiatives through; investment in existing communities and neighborhoods to ensure that they remain or become vibrant, connected, green places, alternate travel choices to reduce family transportation costs, reduce air pollution, and connect families to jobs and services.
G24. Serves Regional Activity Center? Yes
Highest-Intensity and Most-Walkable Centers Enhances the center’s vibrancy by recreation. Enhances the center’s connectivity in quality and quantity of transportation options. Enhances the center’s healthy environment by enhanced healthy living and natural environment.
G25. Environmental justice tracts? Yes
The Raytown-Robinson Elementary School Connector Trail project is completely within the environmental justice tract area. This proposed shared use path will definitely improve access to and from environmental justice tracts.
G26. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions? Yes
Our project promotes an alternate method of transportation.
G27. Natural Resource information: We intend to use native plantings and bio-swales where possible.
G28. Community Links at Watershaed Scale: This drainage area will flow to Wildwood Creek which is a tributary to the Little Blue River.
G29. Explain local land use or comprehensive plans: These roadway improvements on Woodson Road (curbs and sidewalks/shared use path) are included in Raytown’s major road CIP, and the storm sewer improvements are included within our stormwater master plan. This project also adheres to planning principles in our 2004 Raytown comprehensive plan.
G30.1 Complies with MARC’s CSP? No
G30.2 Exception to the MARC CSP? Yes Our environmental solutions will include bio-swales where possible, potentially a bio-detention basin, and use of native plantings where applicable. Trail to be designed for pedestrians, bicyclists, and ADA compliance. This is the first phase of what we hope will eventually be a greater project, with green streets later.
Traveler Type (All Ages & Abilities)
Mobility Aids:       
Transit Riders: Not Accommodated      
There is no mass transit in this project area.
Cars: Not Accommodated      
Pedestrians only.
Trucks: Not Accommodated      
Pedestrians only.
Motorcycles: Not Accommodated      
Pedestrians only.
Buses: Not Accommodated      
Pedestrians only.
Green Streets: Not Accommodated      
This is the first phase of what we hope will eventually be a greater project, with green streets later.

Project Financial Information

TAP Federal amount: 500  (Thousands of $)
TAP Match amount: 125  (Thousands of $)
TAP Year requested: 2021
Source of Local Match: City of Raytown Transportation Sales Tax Fund.
Scope Change: N/A
Cost Breakdown:
Highway:   %
Transit:   %
Bike:   %
Pedestrian: 100  %
Other:   %

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Submitted comments

Travis Hux said...

This would be a great project for the kids in the Raytown School District. Students who live 1/2 mile from school are not eligible for bus transportation and have to walk to school. This road is less than ideal for walkers. I appreciate the City for looking out for the safety of our kids!

4/23/2018 10:05:07 AM

Dr. Elizabeth Arbisi said...

Adding a sidewalk along Woodson Road would greatly benefit the Robinson Elementary students. Woodson is a busy road and we have many students that walk to school and back home each day. It would prevent any dangerous mishaps from occurring if we could ensure our students could walk on the safety of a sidewalk area. Consideration of this would be beneficial to the community.

4/26/2018 9:57:06 AM

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