Summary of Platte/Clay County Bike/Ped Gap Removal Project

Kansas City, MO

Contact Information

Organization: Kansas City, MO
Contact person: Wes Minder
Phone: 816-513-6977
Organization address: 414 E. 12th Street
  Kansas City, MO    64106

General Information

Project title: Platte/Clay County Bike/Ped Gap Removal Project
Project description: Kansas City, Riverside, Parkville, and Riverside have been working independently and in partnership to complete a connected multi-modal trail system highlighted by the eight mile Line Creek Trail which connects the Missouri River to Route 152. This trail connects the Missouri Riverfront, Southern Platte Pass, Linear, and Route 152 Trails and has built a network within a mile of 50,000 residents and would connect to North Kansas City and Downtown Kansas City if there was not a gap created by US 169 and Route 9. The purpose and need for this project is to evaluate how to connect this extensive trail system in Platte County and the employment centers in Briarcliff to the sidewalks in North Kansas City and the funded Burlington Avenue cycle track and Kansas City’s funded design-build reconstruction of North Oak from NE 32nd Street to NE Indianola which will include a protected bike facility. The primary users of this project would be recreational and non-motorized commuters. A multi-modal connection along Route 9 would connect Waterwell Park with Macken Park. It would connect the single and multi-family complexes in the Briarcliff area to these parks and would connect the office and retail employment areas to the residences of North Kansas City. It would also provide access to one of the Cerner complexes which is one of the Kansas City region’s largest employers. The biggest benefit of this project would be bicycling commuter users such as myself who commute from Platte County to downtown Kansas City and have to navigate the 60 mph US 169 and Route 9 interchange and a railroad overpass on Route 9 which lacks shoulders and is unsafe for anyone other than a highly confident and experienced cyclist. This project once implemented would remove a gap and create a truly connected multi-modal transportation network that would connect Crown Center to the I-29/152/Zona Rosa retail area.
Project Type: Sustainable Places Project
Project Contact: Wes Minder
Project Location: Determine multi-modal connections from proposed Burlington cycle track/sidewalks at MO 9 & NE 32nd St to Riverside/Kansas City multi-modal systems at MO 9 & Briarcliff Pway
Project Scope: Phase 1: Data collection Tasks: Meet with MoDOT, Kansas City, North Kansas City, Levee District, Burlington Northern Gather as-built data, signal data, and available survey Initial public engagement effort with project announcement and online survey Deliverable: PDF of all available data, summary of all meeting minutes Phase 2: Conceptual layouts Tasks: Layout options on north and south side of Route 9 Meet with MoDOT, Kansas City, North Kansas City, Levee District, and Burlington Northern to discuss feasibility of options Deliverable: PDF of layouts and notes of critical issues and planning level estimates Phase 3: Determine preferred solution Meet with MoDOT, Kansas City, North Kansas City, Levee District, Burlington Northern to discuss preferred layout Public meeting of preferred solution Deliverable: PDF of preferred solution and summary of meeting minutes Phase 4: Finalize report Final technical and citizen engagement. Deliverable: Final report in PDF format

Project Financial Information

Total Cost: 190  (Thousands of $)
Federal amount 150  (Thousands of $)
Minimum Funding amount 80  (Thousands of $)
Match amount: 40  (Thousands of $)
Source of Local Match: Public improvement sales tax

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Submitted comments

Kyle Frakes said...

This project is by far the most needed of any in the northland. The recent addition of share the road signs on this corridor is a stop-gap solution for a problem route for bicycle commuters. The Northland is under served with bicycle infrastructure and this project is extremely important to provide a connected multi-modal transportation system on a primary route for bicycle commuters. I commute via this route on average 4 days per week. It is very challenging to navigate even for an experienced cyclist due to the limited sight distance for vehicles heading south over the hill and around the curve leading to the railroad underpass, the limited sight lines for vehicles travelling toward the 169 off ramp during rush hour traffic, high speeds of vehicles, cyclists having to cross over the 169 south ramp coming out of riverside, and the narrow travel lanes where the railroad bridge passes over 9 highway. Filling this gap will serve a benefit a large number of users and residents of these communities including, Kansas City, Riverside, North Kansas City, and both Clay and Platte Counties. While only about a mile in length, this gap will serve to connect many miles of trails, and bike lanes throughout the northland and south of the river. Please feel free to contact me for additional feedback.

6/26/2018 7:08:27 PM

James Rice said...

This is a much-needed study. Ironically, the river itself is not the greatest barrier to biking between downtown, North Kansas City and the greater northland. Since this obstacle is a man-made problem, I am confident that with careful thought and study a solution can be found. I have only rode this route twice, and those two times were enough to make it clear why more people do not.

6/27/2018 6:02:36 AM

Chris Hershey said...

I ride this section a few times a week. The danger and deterrent effect of crossing highway lanes and riding where there is no shoulder comes up frequently in conversation with other riders. This would be a relatively short, very high impact project that should be funded.

6/27/2018 9:06:10 AM

Dan Cook said...

While this doesnt appear in the scope of this project, may you consider extending the multi-modal connection westward along MO 9 to Northwood Rd? After the Northwood reconstruction project finishes in 2019, there will be a multi-modal facility running from Prairie View Rd to MO 9; so, extending the scope of this planning study to MO 9 and Northwood will better fill the Bike/Ped gap.

6/27/2018 11:18:22 AM

Jared Klenda said...

I live down by Crown Center and would use this highway to connect up with the trails by Briarcliff area to connect to the line trail. This is the scariest stretch with high speed traffic. A comprehensive solution is needed for cyclists in this area and this is a great plan!

6/27/2018 11:57:13 AM

Charles Fillngham said...

One of the things I truly enjoy about living in Kansas City is the trail system. I ride the line Creek Trail and the Shoalcreek trail on a regular basis and have ridden Under 169 on nine highway. This is a dangerous pinch point and truly needs to be improved to make Kansas City and even more livable city.

6/27/2018 4:14:31 PM

Arnold Nguyen said...

This is a good starting place to study one of the many bike/ped gaps in the Northland. Id like to see that railroad bridge removed on MO 9 to make room for a bike/ped trail; I dont see any trains use it. A trail between NKC and Briarcliff will definitely help bike/ped get between Heart of America and Zona Rosa via NKC, Briarcliff Trail, Line Creek Trail, and 152 Trail.

6/27/2018 6:02:50 PM

Chris Falk said...

I have never considered riding my bike to work from or to downtown to the northland due to the lack of safe infrastructure. If a trail was built I would certainly consider it, especially taking the bus to work and riding home to the northland.

6/27/2018 6:30:22 PM

Gerald Kutz said...

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Please make this happen. This gap turns a straightforward 11 mile commute to Crown Center into a convoluted, hilly 13 mile trip.

6/27/2018 8:04:16 PM

Maggie Holt said...

Im willing to bet that Ive seen Wes cycling home on my commute at the end of the work day. Every time I see him or another cyclist, I think that there needs to be a safer way for cyclists to travel. Lack of connectivity between KC-area metros is a huge deterrent to more non-motorized commuters.

6/28/2018 2:51:26 PM

Noel Challis said...

This is a key transportation connector for the Northland. It is currently a very unsafe corridor for cyclists and pedestrians. This project is ideal for the Planning Sustainable Places funding.

6/29/2018 3:56:47 PM

Kevin Carlyle said...

I live less than a mile from this intersection and when biking might as well be on the other side of the river and there’s no bridge. There is no safe way to bike to a town a mere 8 blocks away. Combined with the Burlington cycle track, the HOA river crossing, the 3rd st bike lane, the Grand Ave bike lane to reach downtown This project builds on the investments already made and creates more value for these long distance trails.

7/1/2018 8:35:57 PM

Kiley Sutter said...

The Line Creek Trail is an amazing asset to the Northland community and its weakest link is well stated in this proposal. The gap in the trail at US169 and Route 9 is one that thwarts the use of the trail as more than recreation. Line Creek Trail could easily become the multimodal highway for bicyclists to ride safely from the northern boundaries of KC to the heart of KC and beyond. By removing this gap and making the trail safer community members would be able to add a healthier, greener, and sustainable commuting option to their methods of transportation.

7/5/2018 2:12:53 PM

Bryant DeLong said...

Once the Burlington cycle track is complete the one glaring gap is its connection to the northland. As noted, there is no safe connection. I believe removing this gap is key to maximizing the benefit of the Burlington cycle track and other surrounding trails.

7/6/2018 1:52:01 PM

David N. Johnson said...

I agree that that is a pinch point in the routes to cycle from up on the bluffs (such as just north of the Old Briarcliff area, where we live) down into NKC and from there across the river. We can go south and east through Waterworks Park, but even on that route there is a gap to get down into NKC without getting on Cherry or other busy street without a shoulder. For folks coming from the northwest (Riverside, etc.), that would not be so convenient even if it were completed because they would have to get up into Waterworks in order to use it.

8/5/2018 2:58:51 PM

Jeff Peak said...

This gap on 9 highway between Riverside and Northtown really needs to be addressed. It is an extremely dangerous route to take currently but is the obvious choice in terms of distance and hills when navigating a bike to and from downtown from the north. The train bridge seems is used to carry cars of chemicals to the waterworks plant, so it is necessary, but it really needs to be modified to accommodate a bike lane under.

9/5/2018 9:56:22 AM


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