Which watershed do you live in?

Thinking about watersheds helps remind us that our actions can impact — for better or for worse — all of the streams and rivers in our region.

In the Kansas City region, all runoff eventually drains into the Missouri River, the world's 15th longest river. The Missouri River watershed drains one-sixth of the water in the United States, from the mountains of western Montana to its confluence with the Mississippi River in St. Louis, Mo. In downtown Kansas City, Kan., the Kansas River flows into the Missouri River at Kaw Point. The Kansas River watershed is nested within that of the larger Missouri River, and drains about one-third of the state of Kansas.

This site illustrates the region's important watersheds. Captain Creek, Kill Creek, Stranger Creek and Cedar Creek are some of the larger streams emptying into the Kansas River. Others, like the Platte River, Fishing Creek and Crooked River flow directly into the Missouri River.