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Call for Green Infrastructure Projects

Do you have one or more projects using green infrastructure or nature-based solutions to improve your community? Your projects are needed for the Mid-America Regional Council’s Green Infrastructure Playbook and Atlas. This Call for Entries is an opportunity to showcase your completed, current or planned projects using nature-based community infrastructure across the Kansas City region.

Your participation in this Call for Entries is important for guiding decision-makers about funding needs and will help move the region towards a more sustainable future!

Projects may be submitted for both the Playbook and the Atlas using the online survey >>
Detailed information regarding the technical assistance offered and submission requirements are available in the online survey application.

Submission for the Playbook is a competitive application to receive technical assistance from MARC (and its consultants) to propel your project forward, including stakeholder engagement, conceptual and technical design, and integrated project planning. If your project is complete or otherwise does not need technical assistance from MARC, please complete a short survey for the Atlas — a brief, non-competitive inventory to get your project on the map, to connect with other projects and partners and to help inform regional decision-making.

What is green infrastructure?
Green infrastructure solutions simultaneously help to alleviate the pressures of wet-weather events and provide important amenities to our communities. In addition to providing ecosystem services of cleaning the air, slowing the flow of stormwater runoff and cleaning water, green infrastructure also improves the economic value of our built environment and connects people to nature and to one another.

What are the Playbook and Atlas?
Earlier this year, MARC published the Phase 1 Green Infrastructure Framework, a report designed to support direct implementation of integrated green infrastructure projects. The Playbook and Atlas comprise two important components of this framework.

The Playbook will illustrate green infrastructure projects and their connections at the watershed scale, including imagery, partners and key issues. The projects included in the playbook will be highlighted as community examples.

The Atlas will be an online database mapping green infrastructure implementation in areas of high need at a regional scale. The Atlas is designed to help those interested in green infrastructure connect with potential partners and identify areas of opportunity.


Pre-submission workshop
Monday, Aug. 14, 2017
1 p.m.

Board Room
MARC Conference Center
600 Broadway, Suite 200
This non-mandatory workshop is an opportunity to ask questions and view examples before submitting your project.


Online-Entry Deadline
Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017
2 p.m.

For questions about
the application process or judging criteria, contact: 

Tom Jacobs, 816-701-8352
or Alecia Kates 816-701-8233.



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